10 TV Shows That Should Have Quit When They Were Ahead

It’s always better to go out on a high.

The Office Michael Leaves

Parting is such sweet sorrow, Juliet tells Romeo in the famous Shakespeare play. While many interpret this to be Juliet speaking of the joyful hope that she’ll see Romeo again the following day, she was actually referring to how satisfying it can be when a long-running TV series bows out at the best possible time in the best possible way.

That means that these 10 shows were definitely not on Juliet’s mind. Either because they overstayed their welcome, meandered on, ruined character arcs or just fluffed the finale, these shows definitely should have quit while they were ahead.

Some shows still haven’t gotten the hint and are still trundling on, but many have already departed in less than ideal circumstances. Even when long-running shows have managed to put together the perfect finale, it doesn’t always salvage the show entirely.

It’s not even that these shows ever became terrible (although some did), but instead that they missed their window. They didn’t age gracefully and in some cases, even damaged the legacy they’d built.

With a certain HBO mega-hit ending in circumstances so controversial, fans have put together a petition to do the last season over completely, poor endings are a very hot topic right now.

Game Of Thrones won’t be here though, as it shouldn’t have quit while it was ahead so much as it should’ve kept going at a much less rushed pace.


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