10 TV Shows That Totally Jumped The Shark

The Simpsons When a TV show drags itself on too long, its writers tend to come up with increasingly desperate and outlandish plots to try and keep audiences interested, though most of the time this isn't handed in the correct way. Ironically, it often ends up being the reason a show isn't as popular as it once was, and it might end up getting cancelled as a result. Since they are nothing but desperate attempts to keep alive something that should have died some time ago, these examples are not only instances of bad TV, they are examples of when showrunners just didn't know when to quit. Here are the 10 worst jump-the-shark moments in TV history...

10. Scooby-Doo - Scrappy-Doo

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzkLSUsWuhg This is a character that will live in infamy. During the late 70's, the ratings for Scooby-Doo were dropping drastically, to the point in which they were threatened with the cancellation of the show. Hanna-Barbera decided to integrate Scrappy-Doo into the series in a desperate attempt to gain ratings. Sadly, they succeeded - Scrappy-Doo became the reason why the show was revived, so he became part of the main focus of the show. It stopped being a pretty cool show about a gang of friends solving mysteries and instead changed into a comedy show pretty much centered around an obnoxious character. Scrappy-Doo will stand tall as one of the worst jumping the shark moments on TV because despite the fact that his integration actually saved the show, you can't help but wonder "Was it worth it?" The hate towards the character has grown so much that now it has become some kind of a joke. He was such a lousy, despicable and unlikely character that you might as well consider him a villain in the series. And to tell you the truth, it does make sense.
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