10 TV Shows That Turned Wimps Into Badasses

They may have been soft at the start, but these TV characters ultimately became all-out badasses.

The Walking Dead

Above all else, the medium of television gives talented showrunners the chance to tell long-form stories, crammed full of shocking twists and turns and that all-important character development that keeps us coming back for more.

It's within that latter element that a TV show personality can gradually evolve from a shell of a being to the very life and soul of the series over the course of multiple compelling seasons, slowly forcing audiences to invest in their lives, decisions, and relationships along the way.

It's a tale seemingly as old as time itself; that of a down on their luck, fragile, or broken soul overcoming the odds and numerous obstacles to become a different, entirely more badass, entity altogether in the end.

From spineless chemistry teachers evolving into formidable small screen titans, to bratty princesses having to grow up the hard way before our very eyes, for some the road was longer than it was for others, but each and every name on the following list managed to emphatically leave behind their cowardly ways and ultimately spread their glorious wings as legitimate badasses.

10. Cringer - Masters Of The Universe

The Walking Dead

In perhaps the most obvious case of a character completely transforming from a cowardly entity into an out-and-out badass in next to no time, here we have a cat who found their voice with a little help from their He-Man.

Without Prince Adam's ability to completely morph into the force that is He-Man, Cringer is merely a kitty who couldn't think of anything worse than getting caught in the thick of a scrap. However, the minute Adam bellows out "By the power of Grayskull" and accidentally points his sword at his pal, the Prince's pet is suddenly given a new lease on life, transforming from lazy-but-loyal feline to intimidating Battle Cat stud.

And just like that, He-Man isn't the only one with "THE POWEEEEER!" as the now heavily armoured tiger acts as both a trusty steed of sorts and a reliable ally on the battlefield with his sharp claws and fangs. On top of this, Battle Cat is also known for being a little impulsive and hot-headed when in the heat of battle, ensuring that there's never a dull moment once this Cringer sheds his sheepish skin in favour of Battle Cat badassery.


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