10 TV Shows That Went Way Too Far

9. Ross Makes A Move On His Cousin - Friends

Friends Ross Cousin

Ross Gellar (David Schwimmer) is a nightmare person throughout the duration of Friends, a compulsive cheater who secretly dated one of his students and at one point pretended to be dead to see if anyone cared about him, but he was never ickier or more unlikable than the time he made a move on his cousin. 

Watching a movie with Cassie (Denise Richards), Ross finds himself overwhelming attracted to his literal relative, so much so that he leans in for a kiss. And when she tells him off? "I haven't had sex in a very long time" is the apparently hysterical reason he gives for such a manoeuvre.

A scene played for laughs with no repercussions, Ross's brief moment with Cassie is a step too far for Friends' and its otherwise silly look at the relatable foibles people get up to on the day-to-day (this doesn't happen and isn't funny!), and another reason why we should never have been rooting for Ross in the first place. Ew. 

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