10 TV Shows That Were Disrupted By Behind-The-Scenes Feuds

So that's why they were never seen again.

Greys Anatomy

One would think that after all of the hard work actors put in to make it to the big time, and considering the nearly insurmountable odds stacked against them, that once they finally got a hit television show, they would be happy and not want to make waves. But in a profession known for its famously difficult personalities, it seems that cast feuds are all but inevitable.

Sometimes this happens when two actors just don't mesh well together or, more often, when one goes completely off the rails. And woe betide you if you've got beef between star and show runner, because that's a power struggle no one wants to see played out. Sure, no workplace is without its occasional tension and in-fighting, but in this case it has the potential to cost millions of dollars and actually shut down the show. It's sometimes hard to feel bad for the actors, though.

Look, if the rest of us can survive our horrible jobs, you would hope that actors can just take solace in the fact that they're making more in one episode than we make in a year, and shut up about it.

10. Firings On The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air


Interestingly enough, although the Fresh Prince had a really good relationship with his Aunt Viv on the show, a great big conflict blew up behind the scenes between the two actors. In 1993, actress Janet Hubert was fired from the show, replaced by Daphne Maxwell-Reid for the beginning of the fourth season.

The official line was that there were contractual disagreements (Hubert got pregnant, which apparently wasn't allowed in her contract), but at the heart of the matter were off-screen fights between her and the show's star, Will Smith. Since the show's demise, every single cast member has weighed in on the matter.

While it basically devolves into a giant case of he said she said, it seems likely that there were ego and behavioural issues on the set.

Who was the biggest offender? The world may never know.


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