10 TV Shows To Binge During A Sick Day

Small screen medicine for your soul...

Buffy Sick Day
Mutant Enemy

New year, same old problems: We may have just started an entirely fresh decade, but we are still in the grips of a terrible flu season. While many are excited to tackle resolutions and get back to their daily routines, others are barely able to get out of bed. As you drift in and out of consciousness, alternating between overheating and freezing, the last thing you want to do is endlessly scroll through streaming services in an attempt to find the perfect sick-day show.

The perfect sick-day show is one that does not involve complicated plotlines, nor does it require your full attention. Ultimately, you want something long-running with a simple premise that you can let run endlessly in the background. While sitcoms are your best bet, they aren’t the only options.

When you have no one to stay home and take care of you, let these shows do the work.

10. The Golden Girls

The Golden Girls
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This show should be on every Film and Television “best of” list, because it simply is the best. A surprisingly edgy, witty, and hilarious show about four post-menopausal roommates living together in Miami. The only trouble with zoning in and out of this show is that you may miss a killer joke. This show ran for seven seasons and never skipped a beat. Each episode is a testament to the talent both in front and behind the camera.

During its time, this show was such a hit, because it dealt with the sexuality and reality of women of a certain age; a topic that was heretofore, not commonly discussed. Even when dealing with meatier topics, The Golden Girls approached everything with a sharp sense of humor.

You can watch this show a thousand times and always find something new to like. You can also wake up mid-episode and be able to easily follow the thread.


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