10 TV Shows Where Evil Won

Not every TV show has our main characters riding off into the sunset at the credits.

hannibal tv show

It's a tale as old as time: A hero sets off on a quest to conquer the forces of evil, they are faced with seemingly insurmountable odds along the way, only to finally muster up the strength and power to overcome the big bad.

And they all lived happily ever after...

Well, not all of them did, actually.

As television has taught us time and time again over the years, just like in the real world we inhabit on a day-to-day basis, evil sometimes comes out on top, leaving various heroes and our hearts in tatters.

Now while some of these unhappy endings were brought about due to a network pulling the plug on a show just when our favourite protagonist was at an all time low, many of the following shows actually left audiences with a shockingly evil conclusion on purpose.

So, whether it was due to an iconic superhero hanging up his suit for good, or a vicious killer laughing in the face of death, this bunch of shows taught us the hard way that not every tale concludes on the most positive of notes.


Note: There are spoilers within!

10. Freddy's Nightmares 

hannibal tv show
Warner Bros.

Not content with invading people's dreams and murdering them both in fantasy land and the real world on the big screen, Fredy Krueger was unleashed onto television audiences in the late '80s.

The anthology series, Freddy's Nightmares, would tell the various tales of different characters from episode to episode, with the titular character showing up to wreak havoc whenever he was in the mood. As you can guess, whenever the razor-gloved figure swaggered into town, it usually ended up badly for everyone involved.

So badly, in fact, that the disturbing host of the series was never once handed his comeuppance throughout the entirety of the show's two seasons, regularly tormenting his victims via his typically creative methods.

From giving one poor soul the most traumatic dental check-up imaginable, to possessing a fake psychic and going on a killing spree, Freddy can regularly be counted on to deliver the frightening goods, but that also meant that the forces of good rarely got a look in during the duration of this long forgotten nightmare.

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