10 TV Shows Where The Hero Became A Villain

10. Bill Compton - True Blood

True Blood Bill Billith

Bill Compton was a big part of our gateway into the magical world of Bon Temps. Vampire Bill is the first of the fangers we meet on the series, and, well, he couldn't be nicer. He's every bit the Southern Gent, and while clearly not human and with some skeletons in his closest, he is a mainstreamer who lives peacefully and comfortably around humans.

He's Sookie's major love interest for a large portion of the show, and oftentimes plays the hero against the various Big Bads they run up against. He's very much the romantic lead of the picture, until, that is, Season 5.

It's in the fifth season where Bill is converted by the fundamentalist Sanguinista movement, and starts to believe himself the chosen form of Lilith, the progenitor of the vampire race. In part, this is his choice, but it's also due to the fact he drinks Lilith's blood and 'sees' her, becoming convinced of the movement's mission.

'Bilith', as he becomes known, works to make vampires the dominant force in the world, killing humans and more mainstream vampires who stand in the way of the Vampire Bible's teachings, and serving as the main antagonist across Seasons 5 & 6 of the show, before eventually returning back to the 'good' side filled with regret and helping to save the day once again in its final season. It just so happens that these three years make up the very worst of True Blood, but that's probably just a coincidence. (Actually, no, Bilith was bloody terrible.)


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