10 TV Shows With Major Behind The Scenes Tension

Sometimes it's not just one big happy family behind the scenes.

Not everyone gets along as well in real life as they do in their show. That can refer to relationships between members of the cast, between cast members and writers/producers, and between production companies, actors, and networks. Television is a cut throat business, and these days, it's all about ratings - shows are not kept around because they have critical appeal, at least not usually, and they aren't given much time to build an audience if they don't taste success right out of the gate. Given the number of people involved in producing a television show, combined with the pressure we've just discussed, you're bound to have cases where actors, writers, producers, networks, etc. simply do not get along. There are plenty of examples, so we're going to pick ten top shows to take a look at. There are the obvious ones, like Roseanne and her writers, and the not-so-obvious ones, like Buffy's lesser known (but often superior) spin-off Angel. We'll name a few more, and take a look at how and why things went wrong. For the most part, these shows survived their behind the scenes drama - for better or worse. However, in a lot of these cases, we really don't know where they'd have wound up without the behind the scenes drama. Would they have been better off without it, or did the tension actually improve the overall quality of what we go on screen? Who was to blame for the drama, egotistical actors, or producers who became absolute control freaks? Lets take a look.

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