10 TV Shows You Didn't Know Were Being Revived

9. Battlestar Galactica

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The roots of Battlestar Galactica go all the way to 1978, with that being when Glen A. Larson first brought this iconic sci-fi property to life.

While that original series holds a special place in the hearts of genre fans, many will likely be more familiar with the IP for its 2004 reboot. And now, Battlestar Galactica is again set to be revived for a new audience.

News of a Battlestar return is enough to put a smile on the face, but what's most encouraging is that Sam Esmail is the person tasked with handling the show. Esmail is best known for being the driving force behind Mr. Robot, and he'll be producing this new Battlestar Galactica offering for NBCUniversal's Peacock streaming platform. Noted author and playwright Mike Lesslie is serving as showrunner and lead writer on the project.

In terms of what's known about this latest iteration of Battlestar Galactica, the show will exist within the same continuity as the '04 reboot, although it will focus on different characters.

Interestingly, when this new Battlestar Galactica offering arrives, it may be served up in an experimental fashion. Speaking to Collider, Esmail explained how they may release episodes to Peacock in a way that befits the story being told at that time.

For example, if the series is serving up a battle that rages on for three episodes, three episodes will hit Peacock at the same time. On the other hand, we may just get one-off 20-minute episodes introducing individual characters.

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