10 TV Shows You Didn't Know Were Returning Soon

Try curbing your enthusiasm when these arrive.


Between HBO's mammoth marketing budget and the never-ending fan hype on social media, it's almost impossible to miss a Game of Thrones season premiere.

The same is true of other TV behemoths such as Walking Dead, House of Cards and - across the Atlantic - Doctor Who, but not all quality series enjoy this level of fanfare.

Television is going through something of a boom period right now, and the number of shows quietly plotting a return is higher than you might think.

All eyes are on the small screen, and studios the world over want a piece of the lucrative pie, with many placing their old favourites on the comeback trail in the hope of finding a new audience in addition to the fanbases they left behind.

From yesteryear greats to modern classics on extended hiatus, the airwaves will see some surprise returns during the 2017-18 season, which hopefully spells exciting adventures for characters old and new and, with any luck, a fresh idea or two.

Everyone loves a good comeback, and here are a bunch you may not have been expecting to see over the next 12 months.


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