10 TV Storylines Actors REFUSED To Do

Sometimes actors knows best.

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The world of TV is so relentlessly fast-paced that the cast and crew often barely have time to breathe, let alone squabble over their character's creative direction moving forward.

After all, in any hit TV series most actors appreciate that they're part of a much bigger machine, and what they feel creatively might not reflect the perspectives of everyone around them.

But at the same time, if an actor is in a position to call out something that rubs them the wrong way or they feel could be harmful for the show's future, then it's certainly smart to pipe up.

And that's precisely what these 10 actors did, ultimately refusing to take part in dubious storylines not merely suggested by writers but in some cases getting dangerously close to actually being shot.

From actors who passionately felt that planned plot lines were totally out of character, to those who weren't comfortable acting out the scenes in question, and those who simply felt the proposed story wasn't good at all, these performers all let their voices be heard.

And for the most part, these shows turned out all the better for these actors not being shy about their feelings...

10. Saul Becomes A Murderer - Better Call Saul

Friends Chandler Monica

Though Jimmy McGill aka Saul Goodman aka Gene Takavic (Bob Odenkirk) has been responsible for his fair share of death across both Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, he's never directly killed anyone with his own bare hands.

But that almost happened in the show's sixth and final season, when Gene's true identity is found out by Marion (Carol Burnett), an elderly woman who befriends him.

In the show's penultimate episode "Waterworks," Marion uses a computer to learn that Gene is actually Saul. When Saul realises this, Marion attempts to call the police, prompting him to rip the phone cord out, pull it tight like garotte, and threaten her.

The situation is only diffused when Marion activates her Life Alert alarm, forcing Saul to flee the scene.

However according to Bob Odenkirk himself, writer Vince Gilligan originally had Saul indeed kill Marion at the end of the scene.

But Odenkirk, affronted by the idea of murdering a screen legend of Burnett's caliber, balked and jokingly claimed he even planned to walk if Gilligan didn't change his mind - which, evidently, he did.

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