10 TV Villains You Didn't Realise Actually Won

Most stories end with the hero saving the day and vanquishing the villain - how terribly boring.


TV shows have the benefit of being able to flesh out characters in a way that no movie can hope to rival. This benefits the audience as we receive much more nuanced portrayals of both protagonists and antagonists. Basically, it's much easier to take a villain seriously when their motivation isn't something two dimensional like 'stealing all of the money' or 'firing a nuclear missile at the moon'.

A good villain will often outshine the hero and tend to have more to do with the evolution of a narrative through their actions. Our obsession with the dark side has become increasingly clear - these days it's hard to name a protagonist who doesn't have either a mysterious terrible secret or a flat out personality disorder.

However, like all forms of narrative media, television can be predictable in its storytelling. While the villain may have the majority of a season to flex their nefarious muscle/intellect, the hero must be given a chance to triumph. Or at least that's how it seems at first.

In fact, there are ways to get around this - the baddie may get their comeuppance but if written correctly the effects of their actions should linger. There are more ways to 'win' than standing over the hero's lifeless body. So let's look at villains who came out on top. It may not be evident at first glance, but whether the victory is moral, ideological or literal - the following entries celebrate examples of where evil has prevailed.


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