10 TV Villains You Didn't Realise Actually Won

9. Marco Fuentes - Dexter

24 Mandy

The entire premise of Dexter is that the titular serial killer (Michael C. Hall) spends most of his spare time targeting and killing the scum of the Earth who categorically deserve to be wiped out.

Yet there's one near-victim who actually managed to escape justice and has been more-or-less forgotten about ever since - Marco Fuentes (Jose Aguirre).

Marco and his brother Carlos (Joseph Julian Soria) appeared in a single season five episode as a pair of serial killers responsible for at least seven murders.

Carlos ends up being killed when the police track them down, at which point Marco flees the scene. While the audience likely expects him to end up on Dexter's slab in due course, it just... never happens.

We never see Marco again, with the fair implication being that he was never brought to justice and was perhaps even able to resume his killings again.

While several characters have managed to evade Dexter throughout the series, none have been given as little attention by fans as Marcos, enough that it's reasonable to assume most have totally forgotten that he basically came out on top.

Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) and Dex are both dead now, but as far as we know, Marco's still out there, living free.

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