10 Underrated Horror TV Shows From The '90s You Totally Forgot About

Shows in the '90s got much spookier than The X-Files and Charmed.

Tales From The Crypt

Horror was once relatively easy to define by the decade. For example, monster films were all the rage throughout the gory 1980s. Just a decade later, though, and the horror genre was all over the place. Slasher films were still running strong, thriller-horror films like Cape Fear were doing gangbusters, and pseudo-documentaries like The Blair Witch Project became more popular than ever.

With all the different styles available, you might think there were quite a few gems. Unfortunately, the '90s were all about pushing the envelope, and much of horror lost its heart as it focused on teen drama, vulgarity, and lots and lots of blood. Despite all this, a handful of great horror TV shows ran throughout the decade. However, you might have to dig a bit to find them.

Beyond the more successful enterprises like The X-Files and Are You Afraid of the Dark? were TV shows that essentially went overlooked. Some were lost in the shuffle as horror preferences changed with the times, while others came and went so quickly they were left unnoticed. Luckily, with the magic of modern technology, we can take the time to sit back and rewind to some of the most underrated horror TV shows of the '90s.

10. Chiller

Tales From The Crypt

Known as one of the most successful shows to come out during the 1990s, The X-Files was ratings gold for FOX over in the United States, and rival networks were quick to take note. By 1995, ITV was looking for the British answer to X-Files and more than found it in the five-episode anthology, Chiller.

Focusing more on horror than science-fiction, Yorkshire Television released Chiller on ITV, and it received tremendous praise from viewers and critics alike. Each episode focused on a supernatural element and made a 50-minute runtime feel like a full-on horror film by offering characters as developed and unique as the frights. The short-lived anthology even caught the attention of many notable actors, such as Nigel Havers. Producers like Lawrence Gordon Clark were also happy to jump on board.

Although it's often overlooked, Chiller is one of the best horror shows to come out during the '90s, and with just five installments, it's perfect for binge-watching on Halloween night. What's more, Shout! Factory released the entire series on its website, meaning you don't have to go far to find all of the episodes.


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