10 Upcoming Movies That Would Work Way Better As TV Shows

It's not just because we'd rather not pay to see these stories on our screens...

It's said that cinema is at an all time nadir in terms of originality, and that the overwhelming majority of major Hollywood releases are either sequels, reboots, remakes, re-imaginings, or adaptations of pre-existing material. It's a fair complaint, and what's clear in many cases is that said films would fare better in a long-form TV format, where more time can be spent to differentiate the new take from everything that came before it. Then there are simply some films with concepts ripe enough that they could be made into a money-spinning TV series rather than a mere take-the-money-and-run movie. These 10 upcoming movies, whether comedy, horror, action or whatever, would translate extremely well to the small screen, better even, because there would be more time to develop the characters and make the most of the premise. Plus, in the instances of those films that are sequels and remakes, it would help them avoid accusations of just recycling the same premise unimaginatively. At least they can take the ball and run somewhere else with it. Are there any I missed? Or do you disagree with any entries? Let me know in the comments!

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