10 Upcoming TV Shows NOBODY Asked For

Not even Pamela Anderson wants Pam & Tommy to exist.

Bel-Air 2022

Since streaming services and major producers like HBO are currently bigger than ever, it's fair to say audiences are being inundated with more TV content than ever. But how much of it are people begging to see?

Over the next few years, the likes of Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO and Amazon Prime are set to debut dozens upon dozens of new shows, and though many of them sound pretty exciting, there's a sense that many of these upcoming titles are simply not what audiences are after.

Whether they're forced reboots to failed movie franchises, sequels to long-finished dramas, tasteless biopics or unnecessary MCU instalments, some of the following shows sound marginally fun, but lack the spark needed to get viewers invested in their existence.

So with that in mind - from shows you maybe didn't know were in the works to trending titles that feel far too cynical to succeed - here are 10 upcoming TV shows that literally no one asked for.

10. The Chronicles Of Narnia

Bel-Air 2022

Back in 2005, Disney attempted to adapt the beloved works of C.S. Lewis for the big screen, making three films over five years set in the magical world of Narnia. But whilst these films were financially sturdy, they failed to generate a strong franchise after the planned fourth film entered development hell.

Not to worry, though, because Netflix is on the ball, currently putting together not just a TV show based on Lewis's novels, but also an entire series of movies.

Though this will make some younger viewers excited, Netflix's plans to commit to an entire media franchise without any anticipation reeks of imminent failure, especially when you consider the number of high fantasy series set to air in the next couple years (The Lord of the Rings, a Witcher prequel, a Game of Thrones spin-off).

It hurts doubly for Netflix subscribers who've grown tired of the streamers cancelling on-air gems like Santa Clarita Diet and Daredevil because of budget constraints. The current fantasy climate, mixed with Netflix's annoying business decisions and the lack of fanfare for the original movies leave this project thoroughly uninteresting.

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