10 US Adaptations Of UK TV Shows That Didn't Make It Past The Pilot

Cast a wide net and you're going to get some trash.

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When it comes to American TV, the idea is to throw as much content out there as possible and just hope that something lands. This means that countless shows are dead on arrival and, despite best efforts, never make it past the first episode.

Sometimes it's a shame, as pilot episodes rarely capture the magic of your favourite TV show. For instance, Parks and Recreation's pilot episode was a dull, awkward affair with minimal chemistry between cast members. Even as the first season continued, the show struggled to find its rhythm before turning into the comedy juggernaut it finished up as.

Of course, when it comes to casting such a wide net, it doesn't take long before ideas start to run dry and producers turn to the relative ease of a remake.

Thankfully for them, the British TV schedule has been blessed with a number of fantastic shows and, thanks to the success of The Office, American producers see dollar signs when they flick through our archives.

Yet, it rarely works out as they want to and more often than not, these adaptations fail to pick up any network interest. Not that us Brits are complaining.

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