10 Vince McMahon Moments Netflix WON’T Talk About

(Not) coming to a streaming service near you...

Vince McMahon Netflix

Every wrestling fan should be interested in news that Netflix plan to release a docuseries about WWE boss Vince McMahon. It doesn't matter if you're a hardcore sort who lives and breathes everything the industry churns out, a WWE casual, the type who'd wear AEW pyjamas or anything in between - this will be must-see stuff when it releases.

You need to see it.

The streaming service giant have a lot of ground to cover here. McMahon is a fascinating subject (perhaps wrestling's most fascinating), and there's so much to talk about. Hopefully, episodes will centre on aspects of his private life as well as the obvious day-to-day running of a pro wrestl...sorry, "sports entertainment" juggernaut.

Then, there are the stories they won't talk about. Key info coming out of WWE's recent Q3 earnings call is that the company (see: Vince himself) will be very hands-on with the project. They'll have a degree of creative control over things, which means some tales will be off limits to Netflix.

Don't expect to see the filmmakers revisit any of these moments in-depth or, in some cases, at all...


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