10 Voice Actors You Probably Didn't Notice In Live Action Roles

4. Phil LaMarr - Pulp Fiction

Phil LamarrNotable Roles: Hermes Conrad (Futurama), Samurai Jack, Wilt (Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends), The Green Lantern/John Stewart (Justice League Animated Series), Carver (The Weekenders). Phil LaMarr is arguably a voice actor first and foremost -- you'll know him as Hermes in Futurama or the martial arts master Samurai Jack -- but his live action credits are actually quite vast also. In particular, LeMarr can be seen occasionally alongside Nathan Fillion on ABC's Castle as the NYPD psychologist, Dr. Holloway, and he was also a starring member of Mad TV in the mid to late 90s. But arguably his best known role is in Quentin Tarantino's classic, Pulp Fiction as Marvin. Who? You may ask, well remember the guy that John Travolta accidentally shot in the back of the car? Now you know who Marvin is; it was a trademark scene of the film and LeMarr was only apart of it for a few minutes, tops. LeMarr has said that his scenes were shot towards the end of filming, but the crew were already familiar with him early on because the prosthetic for his dead body had been on set for weeks, so they actually unnerved to see him alive. No worries though, it wasn't for long.

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