10 Walking Dead Character Deaths That Made Us Secretly Happy

Is it really that dark to wish for the death of such dear characters?


The Walking Dead has a huge fanbase across the world with audiences tuning in each week to witness the next unwanted death or jaw-dropping storyline.

The show is famous for killing off major characters and has a no holds barred approach to getting rid of whomever they want. Whether it's a well-liked personality or a villain that truly makes the show worth watching, the writers at Walking Dead headquarters love nothing more than screwing with those who have put hours upon hours of time into watching their show.

This method might be frustrating, especially when you come to love certain characters. Yet sometimes such a brutal method of writing can actually be rather satisfying even more so when you really want someone to die.

Many of these deaths have been controversial and many have touched a nerve but the world would be a boring place if we agreed on everything, right?


10. Hershel


Although The Walking Dead has a reputation for offing major characters, we were still pretty shocked when old, dependable Hershel was brutally slaughtered in the middle of season four.

It was surprising for several reasons, the main one being that Hershel was the moral compass of the group. He was the guy who enabled the audience to witness the madness of the Walking Dead world. He was the guy who the audience identified with the most - a rational thinker and the overall good guy. Killing him off was like slapping a real-life viewer.

Yet that's exactly why it needed it to happen. Sure Hershel was the most "normal" of the bunch but in a show about flesh-eating zombies, normal just didn't quite cut the mustard. Plus, the death of Hershel allowed the rest of the characters to move forward. It allowed his daughterMaggie to grow and progress into a proper personality, and that would not have transpired with her Dad hanging around.

Sorry Hershel but your death was a wonderful thing that really needed to happen.


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