10 Walking Dead Fates Worse Than Death

Because sometimes dead is better.

The Walking Dead Sasha The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

After over a decade, the end of The Walking Dead is edging ever-closer as the show has recently returned for its 11th and final season.

Premiering on 31 October 2010, this powerhouse series has certainly had its ups and downs, but The Walking Dead feels in a great place right now as it shuffles to the finishing line. That finishing line isn't too close, mind, for said final season is being released in three eight-episode blocks that will culminate in 2022.

Of course, even though the main TWD show is wrapping things up, there are still plenty of walker shenanigans on the table. Away from spin-offs Fear the Walking Dead and World Beyond, there's currently Tales of the Walking Dead, a Daryl and Carol-centred offering, a mysterious villain-centric series, and even a Walking Dead comedy show all in development - and that's without mentioning the movie trilogy being headlined by Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes.

The point being, the larger Walking Dead property still has plenty of life in it, despite its tentpole series coming to an end.

Through the 11 seasons of The Walking Dead, we've seen plentiful deaths occur, but there have also been those twisted, torturous moments that have someone been even worse the 'simply' death.

With that said, then, here are ten such times where characters were forced to face a fate far worse than the Grim Reaper.

10. Confirming Your Worst Fears - Secrets

The Walking Dead Sasha The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

When The Walking Dead started, Rick Grimes was utilised as the main 'in' for the audience, with Andrew Lincoln's character awaking from a coma to find the world around him was now a post-apocalyptic landscape haunted by walkers.

From there, Rick was soon on a mission to head to Atlanta and be reunited with his wife Lori, their son Carl, and Rick's best pal Shane.

Unbeknownst to Rick at this point in time, Lori and Shane had started a sexual relationship in his absence, with them believing Rick wouldn't be coming out of his coma and that he was likely already dead once the world went to the dogs.

It's hinted at throughout the first season and into the second, but it's only in Season 2's Secrets offering that we finally get confirmation that Rick is aware that his wife and his best friend had shacked up while he lay stuck in a coma.

Once he gets confirmation of this from Lori, Rick's relationships with her and Shane only become further strained; this strain only added to by the news that Lori is pregnant with a child that Rick doesn't know at that point if he is the father to.


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