10 Ways Breaking Bad Was Almost Completely Different

Ease your withdrawal symptoms...

Suffering from Breaking Bad withdrawal? We feel your pain. It€™s now been over a year since we were forced to wave goodbye to Heisenberg, but it doesn€™t get any easier. Now routinely accepted as one of the best shows ever broadcast, Vince Gilligan€™s groundbreaking odyssey of Walter White€™s transformation from browbeaten, cancer-suffering underachiever to nefarious criminal kingpin was TV at its very best. A show that had a similar (if considerably less destructive) effect to the kick of the Blue Sky methamphetamine so meticulously and lovingly served up by The Cook, Breaking Bad was addictive, compelling and often devastating. So naturally it€™s also devastating to no longer have another fix on the horizon, and while the show is eminently rewatchable and rewards repeat viewings, many fans still scramble for scraps of trivia and interview titbits to scratch that familiar itch. Which is why you€™re here. Better Call Saul will air in the near future and revisit elements of a world that became very familiar to Breaking Bad€™s loyal fanbase. In addition to Bob Odenkirk returning as the lawyer with a heart of green, Jonathan Banks will also reprise his role as Mike Ehrmantraut, and there are bound to be other guest appearances and Easter eggs to reward repeat customers. However Better Call Saul pans out, it will have to be something pretty special to top what came before (technically after, given that it€™s a prequel). Then again, Breaking Bad was almost a very different show€
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