10 Ways TV Shows Blew Your Mind (Without You Even Realising)

9. There's Invisible CGI EVERYWHERE - Mindhunter

Watchmen Looking Glass

David Fincher has proven in movies like Zodiac and The Social Network that he's a virtually unrivalled master of employing subtle VFX that massively enhance the mood of his works.

The very same was true on his brilliant Netflix crime series Mindhunter, which uses a frankly mind-boggling amount of CGI to extend sets, remove unwanted elements, and basically fine-tune every single frame of the shot to Fincher's perfectionist liking.

Watching the show's VFX breakdown is a jaw-dropping testament to how subtle effects can massively elevate the tone and production value of a show, while granting directors a fascinatingly granular amount of control over their projects.

In Fincher's case, this apparently even means changing the damn curb to look more period-accurate.

Especially impressive in the breakdown is the pitch-perfect compositing of green-screened actors into a digital environment: even watching the show in 4K, you'd basically never guess the actors weren't in a real location.

It's often said that the best CGI is invisible, and Mindhunter is mesmerising proof of that.

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