10 Weirdest Cameos In TV Shows That Made No Sense

Wait, they were in THAT show?

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For as long as the television programme has existed, showrunners and producers have tried to use celebrity appearances to boost ratings and get people talking.

You only have to look at a show like Friends to see how effective a cameo can be. Famous folk from the likes of Isabella Rossellini to the former Duchess of York were all clamouring to get themselves into Central Perk, and their appearances are still talked about fondly to this day.

But those cameos all made sense within the confines of the episode. Not these ten. These ten were absolutely wild.

For this list, we've focused on celebrities who appeared on scripted TV shows as themselves, or at the very least fictional versions of themselves.

We've tried to round up the appearances that made little to no sense; the ones that made viewers sit up and go ,"Wait, is that... no, it can't be... is it?"

Whether they were famously reclusive, didn't fit the vibe, or just appeared in a really weird episode, these ten celebrities all made very odd additions to their Wikipedia pages when they decided to take a gig on these popular shows.

10. Snooki On Supernatural

The Simpsons Katy Perry
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Remember Jersey Shore?

It was a big time reality TV show that ran from 2009 to 2012, detailing the lives of some of New Jersey's dopiest residents. One of its biggest stars was Nicole Polizzi, better known as Snooki.

Reportedly on a whopping $150,000 an episode, Snooki was a huge deal at the time and made her presence felt on a number of other mediums as well. Wrestling fans know that she competed for WWE at WrestleMania 27, but did you know she also rocked up in an episode of Supernatural?

The Shore star appeared in the Season 9 episode Blade Runners, in which Sam and Dean Winchester summon a crossroads demon in the hope of tracking down Crowley. To their surprise, the hell-dwelling creature is wearing the guise of Jersey's favourite daughter.

It's a fun cameo and Snooki nails her lines, but it was totally bizarre nonetheless. Who knew that Jersey Shore and Supernatural had anything in common, let alone the services of one of reality TV's biggest stars.

The Winchesters should've kept Snooki around. We know from her wrestling days that she can be useful in a fight.


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