10 Weirdest Reasons Popular TV Shows Were Cancelled

Can you believe "people had to watch it" is a real reason a TV show has been cancelled?

Batman TV Series

The cutthroat nature of television is no secret. Every single year a bunch of beloved shows, without fail, end up with their heads on the chopping block, cancelled without getting a proper chance to say goodbye.

It's rare for a series to end on its own terms in this industry, as everything from plummeting ratings to cast contracts can see a show taken off the air without warning - whether its story is finished or not.

Just because this happens routinely doesn't make it any easier to stomach when it's one of your favourites though. As a result, there have been plenty of high-profile cancellations throughout the years that fans still aren't truly over - and more often than not there's a strange story behind why they ended.

The decision to cull a show usually boils down to money or ratings (or both), but for the following examples the backstory isn't as simple - and it makes their disappearance that bit more frustrating as a result. There's a common thought that TV executives don't know anything, and based on these blunders, it's difficult to argue otherwise.


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