10 Worst Characters On ER

9. Robert Romano

ER Romano

A lot of viewers loved to hate this mannerless control freak. Others just straight up hated him. Played with a fittingly unpleasant aura by Paul McCrane, Romano's pretty much everything you don't want in the work place. A sexist, homophobic, temperamental jerk with little in the way of redeeming features. His endless clashes with Dr Weaver see him at his best as a tactless, obnoxious piece of work. Slightly less engaging is his recurring penchant for sabotaging tense moments throughout the show with offensive zingers.

While the Romano character wasn't without entertainment value, the writing of him during his later seasons leaves a lot to be desired. First, Romano's arm is obliterated in a disastrous helicopter accident. One would assume such an injury marks the end of his surgery career but he hangs around anyway, ultimately amputating the limb entirely after suffering some burns. There's then that whole thing with his robot arm in season 10...

Clearly someone in the writers' room had a fixation on helicopters because an additional helicopter tragedy kills Romano off entirely. The whole thing's so ridiculous and a major shark jumping moment in the show. A polarising figure at best, Romano's ludicrous storylines plant him firmly on this show's blacklist.

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