10 Worst Characters On ER

3. Dave Malucci

ER Romano

Dr Dave's one guy you wouldn't want treating you in your time of need. Character such as Dr Ross and even Dr Pratt broke the hospital rules when that's what it took to provide their patients the best possible care. Malucci, on the other hand, is all about speed, bending the rules just to keep things moving. Among his many unlikable traits is his knack for discharging patients without even bothering to look them over first.

Instead of applying himself to being the best doctor he can be, Malucci loved to kill time via endless jokes, most of which weren't particularly funny. There's the occasional glimmer of hope, namely his surprisingly sensitive approach to dealing with younger patients. By extension of this, it is eventually implied that Malucci may have been abused as a child. While such a grim implication does make Malucci considerably more sympathetic, it also hampers what he was mostly there for: comic relief.

Giving a predominantly light and humorous character such a grim backstory seems counter-productive and unnecessary. This topsy turvy writing was yet another severe issue with the Malucci character.

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