10 Worst Friends Characters Who Appeared After Season 1

9. Joanna

Friends Janine

Oh Joanna, we hardly knew ye.

Well, that's not true. We knew a bit about ye, and what we knew wasn't great.

Despite starting off as a sympathetic victim of Chandler's chronic inability to communicate with women, Joanna quickly morphed into an unlikeable lunatic. Not because she handcuffed Chandler to her office chair - his aforementioned communication breakdown arguably justified that humiliation - but because she was an inexplicably bad boss.

This was a woman whose reaction to her favoured employee (Rachel) being offered a shot at promotion was to tear her down in the interview and make her look like a chump - all because she was afraid of losing her. Joanna offered Rachel a higher position in her department after the interview to make up for it, but why the hell didn't she do that earlier instead of embarrasing Rachel in front of the company brass?

And let's not forget Joanna's treatment of Sophie, her downtrodden secretary. Every scene the two shared was an exercise in petty sadism, as Joanna revelled in treating Sophie's self-esteem like a punching bag.

Put it this way - if people smile when you die, something went badly wrong in your life. And Sophie's radiant joy at Joanna's death said everything we needed to know about the latter.

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