10 Worst Scrubs Episodes

Do not resuscitate these 10 worst Scrubs episodes.

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Can you believe Scrubs finished over 10 years ago? It feels like only yesterday that the hilarious cast and crew at Sacred Heart Hospital first burst onto the scene to teach us all about guy love, show us that wearing onesies to a bar is perfectly fine and remind us to never EVER mess with the work place custodial staff. Starting in 2001, Scrubs went on to make 181 episodes spanning over 9 seasons (although a lot of people don't count the 9th season and I for one can't blame them; more on this later).

Scrubs is a true comedy masterpiece as it was able to strike a near-perfect balance between moments of sheer madness (mainly through J.D's fantasies) and moments of genuine heartache and hurt (don't get me started on THAT Ben episode). Bill Lawrence, show creator and husband to Christa Miller (Jordan), really struck gold not only with the main cast, but with the utterly hilarious co-stars like Ted (Sam LLoyd R.I.P), The Todd, and of course, The Janitor.

Although Scrubs is easily one of the funniest TV shows in the history of comedy, it has to be said that among those 181 episodes, there have been a few flatlines. Whether it's jokes that have aged worse than Keith Richard's forehead or calamitous fantasy episodes, this list will take you through the 10 worst Scrubs episodes ever made.

10. My Life In Four Cameras ( Season 4 Episode 17)

scrubs show

In this episode, Scrubs goes from a single camera to a multi camera show when J.D fantasises about what life would be like as a sitcom; laugh track and all. Amongst the madness, Dr. Kelso and Dr. Cox argue about budget cuts and J.D and Elliot discover their patient has lung cancer.

Why it sucks: This episode was an attempt to be meta but instead just highlighted the fact that the writers couldn't come up with any decent jokes for this episode. The cringey, tacky and stereotypical jokes were clearly an attempt to mock the sitcom style of comedy but that message didn't come across well enough. I am aware it's hard to keep things fresh, especially four seasons in, but this seemed like a lazy way to try and disguise the same played out storyline: Kelso wants to cut the budget and Cox doesn't want him to.

What doesn't suck: Despite the failed parody attempt, they did highlight the problem sitcoms have with stereotyping women by dressing all the female employees in push up bras and high heels whilst the male nurses were topless and only wore boxer shorts. Also, The Janitor's comedy routine was amazing.

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