10 Worst South Park Episodes

The residents of South Park would probably prefer if you forgot about these awful episodes!

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Matt Stone and Trey Parker are absolute comedy legends. Taking their tiny, poorly animated show South Park and turning it into one of the biggest properties not only in comedy but on television itself, was a feat that very few creators could have accomplished. It is a testament to the work that they have created that so few episodes of South Park can even be called bad.

Even at their worst, there is still a lot of merit to every South Park episode, that is, of course, with the exception of the following entries. The coming chapters are incredibly poor examples of the general quality that South Park emits. Whether it's a focus on a flawed concept or a lack of creative laughs, these episodes really missed the mark when it came to entertaining audiences.

While a few of the entries have some hidden gems inside them, they are best left forgotten in the show's legacy. After running for twenty-three seasons, it's inevitable that you aren't going to hit it out of the park every time, but these are shots that the genius creators are likely a little embarrassed about.

This list will contain spoilers for the coming episodes.

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