10 Worst Things Captain Kirk Has Ever Done

You can't boldly go where no man has gone before without treading on a few toes.


Captain, leader, legend – James Tiberius Kirk is one of the most endearing characters in science fiction, if not TV at large. Heroic, individualistic, and with an eye for the ladies, he’s a loveable rogue you can’t help but admire, as well as a great opportunity for William Shatner to shout and mug to his heart’s content.

He’s also, at times, a pretty bad bloke. Whether through selfishness, impetuousness, stubbornness, or good old fashioned dumbness, he has a sizeable CV of wrong doing, and has on more than several occasions steered the crew of the Enterprise into serious trouble simply through his own blunders.

There’s no doubt he sets out to do good, to fulfil the Prime Directive and take his spot as the hero of the galaxy. But when you’re Star Trekking across the universe, it’s only natural you’re going to get distracted once in a while. And when you’re a man with the, shall we say, base desires of J T Kirk, those distractions are liable to get just a little out of hand.


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