10 Worst Things Sons Of Anarchy Have Ever Done

Brotherly betrayal and motherly murder.

Occidental Studios

There is no shortage of TV shows that follow a less than virtuous protagonist. From Walter White, to Bojack Horseman, the Peaky Blinders, and Dexter Morgan, there is something compelling about rooting for a damaged, flawed, and imperfect character. In the case of some, this stretches far enough to cover outright criminals.

The Sons of Anarchy certainly fall into the category of the latter. Of course they are the protagonists of the show named for their motorcycle club, but make no mistake, they are outlaws operating on the wrong side of what is good. By all logic and reason, they should be seen as the bad guys.

The Sons, who proudly boasted their mugshots on the wall of their clubhouse, had no problem furthering the spread of illegal guns along the west coast, transporting cocaine for a drug cartel, and straight up killing people. These things were simply second nature to the club.

Everyone loves the rebel with the heart of gold angle, but SAMCRO took this way too far on more than one occasion, committing many heinous acts, too many of which should be considered unforgivable.


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