10 Worst TV Shows To Launch This Decade

7. Gogglebox

People think Gogglebox is funny, something original, silly and ultimately entertaining - they are gravely mistaken. Created by Stephen Lambert, the mind behind Faking It, Wife Swap and The Secret Millionaire, Gogglebox follows a - to its credit - semi-unique formula, with the premise being viewers at home, watching viewers at home watching the week's television highlights.

Yeah, it sounds promising, but instead of say, having someone scholarly giving a decent view on what Phil Mitchell was doing on Eastenders, or a perky bakery worker waxing lyrical on the latest piece of David Attenborough TV loveliness, we've got the odious Steph and Dom bubbly-slurring their way through an observation or, worse still, Leon (of June and Leon) making !*$% jokes.

Lambert is the first to admit that his intention was to put a wacky reality show out there, created with the heart of The Royle Family in mind, but instead he's created a program that has us wishing we were watching that seminal sitcom, as opposed to this slice of reality dross.


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