10 X-Files Fates Worse Than Death

9. Losing Control Of Your Own Mind

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This is a particularly nasty (but relatively bloodless) fate and one that has been inflicted upon numerous characters in The X-Files saga.

Perhaps the most notable example was in the 1994 episode, Blood, when a pesticide containing an LSD derivate designed to provoke fear in insects started to affect the wider population of Franklin, Pennsylvania. This led to a spate of erratic behaviour and killings.

One of the worst affected individuals was William Sanderson's postal worker, Edward Funsch. Already afraid of blood and increasingly tormented by monitors telling him to go on a killing spree, Funsch eventually caved in out of sheer despair and opened fire on a community blood driver with a sniper's rifle.

Although Mulder ultimately overpowered Funsch, when he later called Scully, his mobile phone display mockingly read: "All done. Bye Bye". This proved that Funsch was not in command of his own actions and, even worse, that Mulder may also have been affected by the pesticide. Nevertheless, Funsch likely ended up being committed for his involuntary killing spree.

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