100 Reasons Why Lost is The Greatest TV Show Of All Time

Every now and then, something happens which changes the way things are done.

Every now and then, something happens which changes the way things are done. An apple falls on a scientists head and suddenly we all lose the fear of jumping and being carried in to space; Batman Begins and everyone€™s appreciation of comic book movies becomes much more serious; Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a massive success so Call of Duty then...Oh...That one doesn€™t apply so much. In the world of television; it was Lost. Revolutionary; ballsy and divisive this show pushed the boundaries of what TV used to be... Then pushed them some more...and even more. Crafting emotional stories that deal with every issue in the human spectrum as well as exploring the possibilities of science and faith in a 6 year adventure with the survivors of Oceanic 815; this show is one of the most groundbreaking pieces of entertainment ever and well worth its billing as a great TV show. I can only say once that I would not recommend you reading this if you haven€™t watched the show until the end as there are MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD, and wouldn€™t recommend you using this as a reason to watch it as Lost is best enjoyed when watching without prior knowledge; and watching it any other way is doing yourself a disservice. So, join us as we run through the emotional scenes, the funny scenes, the episodes, the characters, the actors, the themes, the relationships, the technical aspects and just about everything else which makes Lost the greatest TV show of all time.

100. S1E05: White Rabbit

An early episode which clarified pretty quickly the emotional journey Jack, our so far unbreakable hero, will be undergoing throughout the show; but also built upon the intrigue of the Island. Jack€™s dad, who is dead, is walking around? What€™s happening? Oh...He€™s found the coffin. That€™s good. Wait there€™s no body in there. What is this place? More than just ramping up the levels of intrigue; this episode is also an interesting progression of the relationship between the survivors. Fighting, desperation and thieving; this episode highlights the desperate situation they are trapped in and helps Jack emerge as a leader with his famous €˜Live Together; Die Alone€™ speech.

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