11 Actors Who Could REPLACE Ruby Rose As Batwoman

The Dark Knight Recast.

The CW/Fox

With the shocking news that Ruby Rose would be leaving the Arrowverse after only one season, once again the streets usually governed by the Dark Knight go unprotected.

The question now is who will replace her, with WBTV and Berlanti Productions saying they're looking to recast the role for the already optioned second season.

There are definitely options out there and these actors all have the potential to fill the wig and in a lot of cases, the previous TV experience of kick-assery to handle whatever the criminal world has to throw at them. Some of them actually already have experience in Batwoman's show too, in case the showrunners decide to look within to replace.

Lace up the leather, grab the cowl and find out who has the potential to become Gotham's finest.


11. Stephanie Beatriz


If there's one actor above all who WANTS the role it's Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Stephanie Beatriz, who hilariously greeted the news of Rose leaving the role by tweeting that she intended to do as much research as possible...

She doubled down when a followers replied that she should “go method” by responding that she “legit did dye my hair red last month.”

Beatriz previously put herself forward to play She-Hulk - saying she would kill to play that role on Disney+ - but her scheduling duties on Brooklyn Nine-Nine ruled her out. Whether that would be the case here or not remains to be seen, but let's hope she enters the official conversation.


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