11 Netflix Marvel Performances The MCU Needs To Save

In hindsight, it's a lot of wasted potential.

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When Daredevil Season 1 kicked off in the aftermath of Avengers Assemble, continuity with the MCU was tight. Then it became not so tight. By the time Infinity War hit cinemas, the Netflix Marvel saga had severed virtually all of its narrative ties with the movies, which was a bit of a frustrating deviation for fan service-thirsty audiences

On the plus side, it had become serviceable canon in its own right. There were six separate shows which tended to intertwine, and a seismic wedge of the Marvel comic stomping ground had been amply represented.

Ultimately, a great opportunity has been missed. It's a shame that these essential Marvel characters may now never enter the MCU fray. It would be even more of a shame if the actors playing them were simply replaced, with the characters rebooted in a whitewash of everything Netflix achieved.

When all weighed up together, there's a hell of a lot of great Marvel substance going down the pan. Though chances are next to nothing, the MCU should still at least consider retaining the following cast and the great characters they played.

11. Iron Fist (Finn Jones)

Jon Bernthal Punisher

He didn't do anything wrong.

Iron Fist failed because it embodied all the negative traits of Netflix's show-running. It suffered from overlong seasons, naff supporting characters, silly subplots, boring villains... the works.

It even took them a while to work out what exactly they wanted to do with Danny Rand's character. It was unfortunate that he started out as an unlikable whiny youth. But eventually, he did find his feet.

During all these stages, Finn Jones gave a dedicated performance, which gradually evolved season by season. By the time he was making cameo appearances in Luke Cage and ramping up his maturity in the second series, we could clearly see that Finn was indeed a perfectly viable Iron Fist.

The show would ultimately fail to recover from its bad points, but by its end, Danny Rand was a fully functioning superhero, with potential for a great deal more, were he given that one final squeeze. Does Finn Jones deserve a place in the MCU hall of fame? For all the flak he received, he's certainly earned it.

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