11 Reasons You Might Be Gunther From Friends

Gunther Rachel Friends Gif I doubt many of us would be all that annoyed if we were likened to any of the six major characters in Friends. Even "Oh, you're such a Joey!" doesn't come off as much of an insult when you consider a) he's an actor and b) he's slept with pretty much every girl he's ever looked directly at. And that goes for the rest of the gang, too: weren't they essentially living the dream for the length of the show, despite the fact that the writers tried to make it look like they were having a tough time now and again? I mean, c'mon - they lived in huge New York-based apartments, were constantly dating an endless stream of incredibly beautiful people, rarely had to worry about money, and - best of all, perhaps - possessed the coolest friend group, like, ever. It didn't matter whether you were Rachel or Ross - there really wasn't all that much to complain about. But what if you're not one of the six? What if you wished you were, only to realise that there's another character who you'd totally forgotten about - one who is better-suited to the real world? What if you're... (gulp) Gunther? In fact, look closely at Gunther, Central Perk's ever-bitter manager with a life-long crush on Rachel, and you just might just find that you've got more in common with the lowliest (and therefore most realistic) character in the Friends universe...

11. You're Working Endlessly In An Unrewarding Job You Hate

Gunther Friends Worst Gif If you go to work everyday wondering what the hell the point of it all is, you're totally doing a Gunther. As the manager of what we can only presume is a fairly successful New York coffee establishment (it stays open for at least 10 years, after all), you'd think that Gunther might find something to enjoy about his job, but check out his face - that's not the expression of a man enjoying his work, is it? "Gunthering," then, nicely sums up what so many of us seem to spend a large portion of our lives doing: working tirelessly in jobs that we can't stand.
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