11 Recent TV Shows That Surprised Everyone

10. Reacher

the flight attendant

Though the first of the two Jack Reacher films was a serviceable popcorn action flick and the second, though more hit than miss, was still watchable, nobody could ever quite move past the casting of the 5”7 Tom Cruise as the titular character, whose defining trait is his hulking 6”5 frame, complete with ‘fists the size of turkeys’.

Lee Child’s series, which he is in the process of handing over to his younger brother Andrew, consists of twenty-seven novels, spanning almost the entirety of the United States (and other countries on occasion, such as a trip to the UK where several paragraphs are hilariously dedicated to telling the history of Boots) as the titular ex-military policeman aimlessly wanders from place to place, seemingly uncovering conspiracies wherever he goes.

It'll likely be impossible for Amazon to adapt every single one of these, particularly if a new one continues to be released annually, but their first attempt, an eight episode take on Killing Floor (the first book to be released but not the first story in the in-series chronology) was exactly what fans of the series wanted to see.

6”3 Alan Ritchson is almost perfectly cast as the stoic lead, with brutal fistfights and detective intuition applied in equal measure to create a compelling mystery.

How viewers will react to each season having a completely new cast remains to be seen, but bring on Die Trying.


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