12 Actors Who Screwed Up Their Big TV Chances By Getting Fired

7. Charlie Sheen - Two And A Half Men

Lest anyone think that it's only female stars who get fired from their shows, I remind you of the well-documented case of Charlie Sheen. Two and a Half Men had been a top twenty program every season it had been on except one, and Sheen was reportedly the highest paid actor on television. But Sheen's behavior off the set began to impact Two and a Half Men's production. In 2011, production of the series went on hiatus after Sheen entered rehab for the third time. The following month, production resumed, but the season's final four episodes were cancelled after Sheen publicly made derogatory remarks about series co-producer Chuck Lorre. In March 2011, Sheen was banned from the set of Two and a Half Men by Warner Brothers Television. Sheen reacted by doing the most sensible possible thing: demanding a fifty percent pay increase, claiming he was underpaid. Warner Brothers responded by dismissing Sheen and replacing him with Ashton Kutcher. Like Valerie Harper, Sheen's character was killed off screen, making any possible return difficult or impossible.
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