12 Awesome Robots From TV History

Here are 12 great robots (with a couple extras thrown in) from television history.

I'm back with the second article in my ongoing series about robots, supercomputers, and cyborgs. In the first article, 14 Awesome Movie Robots You've Forgotten, with a nod toward Isaac Asimov and his Three Laws of Robotics, I set up a few laws (which I decided to give the mantle of 'Tim's Laws') to limit the scope of the article (which let's be honest, could spiral out of control) while still keeping with the theme of robots presented across the length and breadth of scripted science fiction. With this latest article, I need to establish a new set of laws based on those wonderful, mechanical television robots. Tim's Laws for this article are as follows: I'm only factoring in robots, no cyborgs, such as the Daleks in Doctor Who - that is a separate article. The robots here are from television history, no movies - that is also a separate article. I'm only looking at robots that have been built to have a human form (androids) or ones that exhibit obvious human qualities, like R2D23 from Star Wars. Also, I'm only interested in 'bots that have had a significant role to play in the shows they were in, no one-shots, like many presented in Doctor Who. I'll be including only one entry from each show (so there'll be one entry for Lost in Space, etc) and I'm not including robots in kids shows, animated shows, or 'bots that were puppets. They've gotta be the real deal. That's it. Let's get started. Here are 12 great robots (with a couple extras thrown in) from television.
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