12 Best British Sitcoms Of All Time

1. The Inbetweeners


Number one on this list is one of the most outrageous but tragically accurate depictions of teenage lifestyles in the UK. Four boys who attend a sixth form college in South-West London after Will, one of the main cast and the narrator of the show, moves to suburbia with his mother after she divorces his father.

Through its three season run and its two feature length cinema releases we saw the boys get into their fair share of awkward moments that most of us could almost definitely identify with. The hot girl spending time with you only to make you look like an idiot in front of people days later. Driving a lame car that your parents thought was cool. Awkward dirty talk and miscommunication with the opposite sex deliver more hilarity that you could imagine when this ensemble comes together.

It may be Jay lying about his orgies and his dad having trials at West Ham, or it might be Neils dancing to impress the girls on the lads holiday. It could even be Simon failing to perform in the bedroom, or maybe it’s just the way Will attempts to do his Yoda impression. There’s something inherently funny about these four idiots trying to make it through their late teens that strikes a chord for everyone… and it’s bloody fantastic.

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