12 Craziest South Park Fan Theories

So Cartman only hates Jews and Gingers because he is gay and secretly in love with Kyle?

With well over two hundred episodes (and many more to come) of scathing satire, allegories on world events, Cartman getting into some weird trouble, and Kenny dying (again), South Park is a show that remains stupid, insightful, refreshing, and hilarious. Unlike other long-running animated shows like The Simpsons or even Family Guy, South Park plays around in an incredibly elastic, and occasionally inconsistent, universe where everything and anything weird and crazy can happen. Because of the show's tendency to not explain why some things in South Park are the way they are, some fans decided put on their tinfoil hats and come up with a few plausible explanations to some of South Park's mysteries. So here are twelve creative and crazy theories that fans have come up with in order to figure out why some things in South Park are so nuts.

12. South Park Is Set In The Same Universe As Peanuts

Charles' Schulz' Peanuts told the stories, shenanigans, and adventures about a bunch of kids, a dog, and a bird. The strip's subversive humor and charm made it one of the world's most popular comic strips. So what does Peanuts have to do with South Park? Well, some fans seem to think South Park is actually set in the same universe as Peanuts only decades into the future. There is some sort of twisted logic to this theory. The characters do have some similarities in appearance and both the children in South Park and Peanuts are incredibly rude. Furthermore, since Peanuts is set in the 1950's or so, the world is considerably less crazy than what it is today, hence explaining why the antics of the children are more tame compared to the stuff the South Park kids get up to. In fact, South Park has actually been referred to as 'Peanuts on acid', so this theory may not be as far-fetched as you might think.
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