12 Most Rewatchable TV Shows Of All Time

Watch it again. And again!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Mutant Enemy Productions

There's a heck of a lot of new TV to get through these days, with hundreds of scripted shows being made every year and everyone with a different recommendation.

And yet, a lot of the time, something new cannot compete with something old, especially having been through the Golden Age of TV, 'Must-See TV', and much more besides. Instead of spending your evening uhmming and ahhing over what new series to start, scrolling through the pages of Netflix and Amazon Prime and not actually choosing anything or taking a risk, you can put something familiar on.

It might have that feeling of an old comfort blanket because you've seen it so many times, it might be years since you've seen it, or it might be something that almost demands seeing again to fully appreciate.

Of course, there are some TV shows you never want to revisit, but for their levels of depth, humour, and pure enjoyment, these series are worth watching again and again and again.

12. Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones House Stark

The sheer scope of Game of Thrones makes it worth rewatching, especially in the earlier years - and more-so if you're unfamiliar with the books - because it takes a while simply to get to grips with who everyone is and where they fit in.

With dozens of characters spread across multiple locations, numerous storylines running parallel to each other, and shocks, deaths, and plot twists at every turn, it's easy to miss or forget a key detail, and with a year gap between seasons (which is now two years) it's always wise to refresh your memory before the next one comes along.

It never loses its appeal either: the twists are so well earned, the spectacle so impressive, and the character moments so engrossing that you'll lose yourself in the world of Westeros much the same whether it's your first time or your fifth.


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