12 Netflix Comedy Series EVERYONE Should Binge

Cartoon animals! Women's wrestling! Stable time loops! Vandalism! Depression!


There aren’t all that many bonuses to the current worldwide quarantine but if there’s one thing we’re all blessed with right now, it’s plenty of free time and an insatiable need to be entertained. Fortunately, the streaming giant Netflix have us covered, with the television studio producing an endless stream of content so extensive that no one could manage to make it through their entire back catalogue in a single lifetime even if they wanted to—for whatever reason.

However not everyone is interested in binging a documentary about animal abuse to distract themselves from bad news, so today we’ve decided to spotlight the comedic offerings coming from the streaming service. It’s a diverse crop, with Netflix’s ambitious stable of projects including every tone and style of comedy from madcap cartoon antics to dark and thoughtful satirical series—sometimes within the same show.

With that in mind, here’s our comprehensive run down of a choice dozen of the platform’s finest comedy series which everyone should give a chance—apologies in advance in your favourite didn’t make the cut, with a slate as packed as Netflix’s there will inevitably be a Big Mouth or two which we couldn’t find room for.


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