12 Rarest Stranger Things Funko Pop! Figures (And How Much They're Worth)

10. Eleven In The Rainbow Room (Target Exclusive)

Funko Pop! Stranger Things Steve

Although not as pricey as the previous entry due to a recent release, this Funko Pop! Moment is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

This Target exclusive figure, which displays the epic season four battle between Eleven and 001, was just launched a few months ago but is already seeing a gradual price hike. At a retail price of $30, Funko Pop! valuation websites are currently placing the item at around $50 - $60, which already shows an increase in value, despite a recent release!

Although this Funko Pop! may continue to be manufactured, supply may fall short of demand, resulting in eBay resellers demanding high prices! However, there is no question that the price will increase quickly if this figure were to be vaulted.


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