12 Small Details You Only Notice Rewatching Friends

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As much as we've all seen all the episodes of Friends countless times, the age of streaming has brought that obsession into an all-new HD realm, and so, barely a day passes without a keen-eyed fan uncovering something new while watching the beloved sitcom.

As a testament to both how freakishly observant fans are and also how much hidden detail - whether for better or worse - is packed into each episode, you almost certainly never noticed these 12 hidden details throughout the show's ten-season run.

From hilariously rude visual gags hidden in plain sight to ludicrously clever callbacks only the most hardcore fans would ever notice and everything in-between, Friends is absolutely jam-packed with weird and wonderful Easter eggs and nods for fans to catch.

And with that, none of these episodes will ever quite be the same. Yet if you did manage to notice any of these on your own, though, give yourself a firm pat on the back...

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