12 Small Details You Only Notice Rewatching Parks & Recreation

Confirming what we always thought: April and Andy are total potheads.


When it comes to the pantheon of comedy greats, Parks and Recreation more than deserves to be recognised alongside the likes of The Office, Arrested Development and The Simpsons.

While every fan has their preferences - and the commitment to schmaltzy sentimentality in Michael Schur's show no doubt puts as many people off as it does completely enrapture - one thing that isn't up for debate is just how good Parks is at seeding and executing jokes and little plot points that either you don't notice in the moment, or which pay off in hugely unexpected ways further down the line.

It's already a joy to revisit the show as often as possible, reliving the evolution of these characters from being mere workplace proximity associates to genuine family, and realising that Mark Brendanawicz featured in way more episodes than you remember. From paying respects to Lil' Sebastian to enjoying another set in the company of Duke Silver, there are plenty of reasons to go back and treat yo self to all seven seasons again, but it can be worth it purely to keep an eye out for the sheer amount of details you totally missed the first time around.

Parks is literally one of the best shows around when it comes to hiding secrets that reward repeat viewings, and it's about time some of the best were highlighted.


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