12 Star Trek Aliens Who Should Make A Comeback

With Paramount+ regularly releasing new Star Trek, they should give some classic aliens a comeback.

Voyager Voth

Ever since Star Trek: The Original Series debuted in 1966, the writers for the franchise have introduced hundreds of aliens.

Aliens such as the Klingons, Romulans, and Ferengi have become recurring characters in the assorted Star Trek spin-offs. Others have appeared only once as a way for the writers to explore themes presented in that episode.

Aliens such as the Voth from Star Trek: Voyager were so compelling in their single outings that they demand their own multi-episode story lines to further explore their cultures. Aliens such as the Founders from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine have had compelling story arcs that ended in ways that had interesting future implications.

Since creating the streaming service Paramount+, Paramount has given the green light to five new Star Trek spin-offs and they have shown little sign of stopping any time soon. Any new series that will comes along will, of course, introduce new aliens. However, they'll also have opportunity to revisit past species. With that in mind, here are 12 species who deserve a comeback.

10. Iotians

Voyager Voth

The highly imitative Iotians were introduced in The Star Trek: The Original Series episode A Piece of the Action.

When the Enterprise crew encountered them, they discovered that the Iotians had shaped their culture around prohibition era gangsters after studying a history book left behind by a previous starship crew. The Iotian city visited by the Enterprise crew resembled Chicago or New York from the 1920s or early 1930s, the people wore suits, hats, and dresses right out of a gangster movie, and they peppered their speech with early 20th century American slang.

When the episode ended, McCoy was worried that he had lost his communicator on the Iotian planet.

A future installment of Star Trek could explore the implications of McCoy's error. If a future crew found the Iotians living as faux Starfleet officers, would the Federation attempt to correct the damage? Or would they simply walk away while putting up a warning buoy to prevent future Starfleet vessels from approaching the planet? And what of the Iotians themselves? If they believed they were part of the Federation, would they make contact and demand to know why the Federation had forgotten them? Maybe they would they would consider the real Starfleet as imitators and declare war against them.

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